Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 22, 2014

As a vital and beloved piece of Source, you are on the planet to grow and expand, as that is the natural state of Source energy. This is why freedom is so valued on your planet – you all require freedom to be able to grow, self express and expand. This is why we talk about the need to evolve beyond the energies of judgement and control, separation and conditional love. Those are the energies that lead to contraction, stagnation, discomfort and despair.

It is time to consciously make all of your choices and actions support what it is you wish to anchor on your planet as you miss the energy of Home. That means embracing the energies of inclusion, upliftment, encouragement, acceptance, allowing, unconditional love and unity consciousness, peace and harmony, and the celebration of the divinity of all, both for yourself and for others. That is what will create the heaven on earth you all seek to experience, moving forward in this grand new age of enlightenment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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