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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 26, 2022

Many of you have had periods of solitude, but have you truly been present with yourselves?

You can be alone and be completely distracted. You can be in a crowd and be completely present with yourself. Presence is simply a space of profound connection and acceptance with yourself exactly as you are.

Have you been in true acceptance of who you really are? Can you just be without the need to adjust a single thing about yourself? Do you meditate with the goal of acknowledging the fullness of who you are or to escape yourself and your life?

Full presence with yourself is an incredibly sacred and healing space. It doesn’t need to be a long process. Even short moments of true presence with yourself is as potent and moving as any other connection with a higher being. It is healing and transformative because it heals the sense of separation you feel when you are yearning for the higher vibrational energies of Home where you are seen, accepted, and loved exactly as you are. It allows you to be both the love and the beloved, and that is a powerful experience, indeed. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

I am so excited to announce that I will be holding a series of live calls that focus on The Divine Combination. We will be taking a close look at each of the individual elements in each call, followed by a channeled meditation that will allow you to experience the element in a way that is unique to you.

It will be held every Saturday at 12 pm EDT starting May 7 for 6 weeks. The cost to attend is $200 USD if you wish to purchase the entire series ($100 off what it normally costs to learn the Divine Combination in a live course format), or $40 USD to attend any of the calls individually. As the Divine Combination truly is the higher vibrational operating system that we use in the new energies, I thought this was the ideal time to present this topic in a way that can allow you to experience it all together, or individually if there are certain elements you could use a little extra help with. Here is the schedule:

May 7 – An overview of the Divine Combination as a whole and working with the elements of Surrender and Faith
May 14 – Flow and Gratitude
May 21 – Trust
May 28 – Acceptance and Allowing and working with the Blue Team
June 4 – Patience, Peace, and Beingness
June 11 – Purpose, Direction, and Evolution

To purchase the whole series you can click here:

The links to purchase each offering individually will be posted closer to the event. I hope you will join us, it is such a lovely, reassuring and transformational energy to work with!


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