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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 3, 2018

Dear Ones, what percentage of your life would you like to change in order to be truly satisfied? Ten percent? Thirty percent? Fifty percent? Ninety percent? (There is no such thing as a life expression that needs one hundred percent change. There is always at least ten percent of your life that is working beautifully in line with what you would like to create, with you being in the body, present on the earth, breathing, living, and seeking growth.)

So let’s presume you are completely happy with all but one area of your life. For example, everything is working for you to your satisfaction except your career. Let us suppose that your career needs to shift approximately thirty percent in order to be better.

This is a powerful exercise. If you can recognize thirty percent of it isn’t working, it means seventy percent of it is. It means one hundred percent of the other areas of your life are wonderful. That is how much you have to be grateful and celebrate!

Now the next question is, are you ready to move into the unknown that you need to open up to in order to create the thirty percent change for your career? How much expansion are you comfortable with? Ten percent? Thirty percent? Ninety percent? What amount could you surrender and flow into willingly right now?

Do you see? It can be as simple as identifying how small of an area of your life is not working for you and agreeing into that exact amount of surrender and expansion. That can make it far easier for you to see what is satisfactory for you and move into expansion and open to new potentials and possibilities without being overwhelmed. The more complete your surrender, the greater and more transformative the change, to be sure, but it is perfectly fine to start small if that is what is required for you to willingly experiment and cooperate with the process.

Play the numbers game. Transform your life one area at a time. This is exactly how you will start to have fun with co-creation, get comfortable with surrender and flow, and begin to willingly embrace the forward movement that is always available for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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