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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 30, 2024

Dear Ones, so many of you hold onto your old stories, particularly the ones where you were treated in a way that was much less than you deserved. By clinging to the wound, you incorporate the hurt into your energy field, rather than the healing, growth and expansion you seek.

For many of you, that is what you have been working hard on releasing, and you have let go of so much! But remaining attached to the story keeps it in a loop of focus which makes it difficult to let it go once and for all.

So if you have an issue that you can’t just seem to let go of, we suggest you ask yourself what you think clinging to that victim consciousness offers you, for you would not continue to hold onto it if you did not think it served you in some way.

Is it outrage? Anger can be a healthy and appropriate response to something that was not right. It serves as a catalyst to change, but anger cannot serve you well in the long run. We are happy that you see that you deserved so much more but a healthier response now might be to love and nurture yourself back to wellness with healthy and appropriate boundaries.

Is it because you do not want to let the perpetrator off the hook because you think to forgive or to thrive after such an act makes it okay? By letting it go you are not giving the experience your approval. You are, however, releasing the energy of the event, which is an act of healing for yourself because it takes your focus and your power back. Forgiveness combined with healthy boundaries allows you to energetically detach from the abuser, which is an act of love for yourself. It is becoming your own hero, which is incredibly empowering.

Is it fear that if you drop your guard it will happen again? Keeping what is unwanted in a loop of your focus actually keeps that energy active. Shifting into awareness rather than fear, and focusing on what is wanted moving forward, and working with your guides and helpers is how you can step forward into co-creating a future you desire without fear.

Somewhere along the line, if you have an issue that you have trouble getting over, you have mistakenly thought your power exists by continuing to push against what happened. True, lasting, empowered healing is the act of recognizing you deserved better and becoming your own guide, loving parent, and best friend, and lovingly guiding yourself to the future.

The bottom line is, your soul had that experience for a reason. It may have completed a karmic thread, it may have allowed you to develop deeper compassion for others who have had similar experiences, it may have made you more energetically sensitive, but there was something there that you can take from your experience that has allowed you to turn into the tender, caring being you are now. And that is something you can take with you and feel gratitude for.

It may simply be that you couldn’t experience the joy of what empowerment feels like if you hadn’t felt disempowered before. But there is always a pearl of expansion that occurs from such events. You would not have agreed to it on that soul level if it were not so.

Dear Ones, it is time. Take one last look at the situation, take any gifts that came from it, and detach from that story and old energy once and for all. Let it go into the ethers to be healed and transformed for the greatest good of all.

You can then step forward into a bright and glorious future, with the love and protection of your guides and your own wisdom, and finally create what you DO deserve now, in an authentically powerful way, as a mindful and enlightening human being on a shifting planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Don’t forget, our live event is tomorrow! I think we have all been feeling the power of the energies and astrological events over the past few weeks and are wondering what is happening, where we are going, and both current and upcoming themes. I thought it would be awesome to have a joint event with my friend, Richard Malette, who is a wonderful astrologer, so we could look at things both astrologically with Richard, and energetically with me. The event will be held on zoom on Wednesday May 1, 2024 at 6:30 pm eastern time. There will be a replay for those who can’t attend live. The cost is $33.33 USD to attend. Questions will be welcomed but we ask that they be kept to topics that everyone can benefit from. I hope you’ll join us for what is sure to be an informative and enlightening event! You can sign up through the link below or through the link in bio on instagram.


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Hope to see you soon!

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