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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 4, 2023

Dear Ones, you are in a time of rebirth. You are leaving the old chapter behind and in the process of stepping fully into the new. Be patient with yourselves! It takes time to get used to completely new energies and the ways that work best for you to navigate them.

You are in a time that is ripe for manifestation, for expansion, new discoveries, and taking quantum leaps. If you have been putting off things you know you need to do for your own comfort and wellness, now is the time to do them. It’s time to get clear and honest with yourself.

What are you ready to let go of? What old habit is a priority for you to evolve beyond? Now is the ideal time to tackle it because you are in a period that is incredibly supportive of doing that work. Once you are done, what are you ready to receive that will have room to appear in your life due to releasing what was no longer working or honouring you?

When we speak of getting clear about what you would like to manifest, we urge you not to constrain it through the old habits of micro-managing, fear or doubt. This is about next level manifestation which is done as a co-creative process. Identify with the core elements that mean the most to you and feel good energetically when you think of them. These might be freedom, satisfaction, purpose, wonder, connection, or any other core element that your soul is craving and beckoning you towards.

By focusing on those elements you demonstrate your willingness to be led with complete faith and trust from a universe that adores you, knows your highest potentials, and can’t wait to lead you down the path of discovery of what truly exists for you that you could never imagine from where you are now.

After all, if you are in unprecedented energies it also means unprecedented  possibilities, opportunities, and experiences to replace the old. This is what you’ve been waiting for all along – to play in the magic and wonder of the previously undiscovered as an embodied soul on an ascending planet! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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