Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 5, 2016

The flow is an incredibly intelligent and efficient system, designed to give you exactly what you need at any given time. To be resistant is to deny yourself the support and movement to get to your next grand expression of self.

Surrender is the entry point of the flow. The flow is where the movement is. You stay in the flow by following your heart, by doing what honours you, by following the path of least resistance and joy. You steer your flow though gratitude and allow it to lead you by following the signs and synchronicities. You use faith and trust to stay consistently in the flow long enough for the magic to happen.

If you have surrendered but are not experiencing movement, one of two things are possible. One is that you are in an energetic lull, where things are coming together behind the scenes. The other is that you are in resistance, by continuing to refuse to give up something that you know is not for your highest good, or continuing to engage in what is unwanted. Discomfort is always, always, an indicator of resistance.

If you are sitting there waiting to be saved, you are seeing yourself as a victim. Surrender and flow are a co-creational process. They are not about giving your power away, but rather about moving forward in your authentic power, making choices that honour you, one Now moment at a time.

There are essential elements to getting results from using surrender and flow. They are surrender, faith, flow, trust, acceptance and allowing, and gratitude. If you are not getting desired movement in your life, examine whether your practice of any of those key elements is lacking.

Dear Ones, do not worry about entering the flow in the wrong direction. It is quite impossible to do so. The flow will immediately sweep you up from wherever you are. You, with your faith and trust, must allow yourself to be moved.

That means that you willingly move with it, even if it initially looks different than you thought it would, because the flow will brilliantly bring you the exact stepping stones you need to get to your dreams. Let your highest self lead the way, and trust that the universe always has a plan that is often far greater than you could ever imagine for yourself.

We understand this is an entirely new system for human beings to use vs the “no pain, no gain” efforting and sacrificing for success model most of you have been raised in. Be kind and gentle with yourselves as you start to explore and play with this new operating system the higher energies are supporting. Have fun, experiment, intend, create, move, and know that we are cheering you on and assisting you every step of the way. ~Archangel Gabriel

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