Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 8, 2014

Dear Ones, if you can stay present in the Now moment, you will realize the vast majority of the time, your right Now moment is what you would consider absolutely fine. Staying in the Now allows you to be fully present, and focused on the only things you truly have control of – your self and the present moment.

Keeping your focus on the Now will help you recognize the vast amount of support, comfort and goodness that is always available for you. Since most of your concerns of things being “wrong” are actually judgements of the past or projections to the future, staying in the Now allows you to see what you consider right, and through that, practice appreciation.

We understand that many of you are going through major shifts in your lives, and sometimes big movement can seem daunting. The way to navigate change is by one Now moment at a time, which will keep you from becoming overwhelmed or losing your focus. The Now moment is the moment that is ripe for you to live and create from, and will support your balance and focus, both for your today, and all your tomorrows, as well. It is where peace dwells. ~Archangel Gabriel

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