Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 16, 2016


Dear Ones, many of you are coming to the end of one phase of your life and about to shift into new areas, new experiences, new service contracts. How do you know you are close to that shift? When you start to feel very uncomfortable and yearn for it.

Think of sailors who have been out to sea for an extended period of time. When they are at the start or middle phase of their journey, they are in acceptance of their situation but when it starts to be near the time their voyage should be ending, they start to feel uncomfortable and antsy. When they finally see their destination on the horizon the excitement and impatience intensifies but it still takes a while to reach land.

That is the phase so many of you are in right now. You can feel the new land is close, or perhaps you can even see it, but you haven’t quite arrived on shore. You feel cramped and impatient because your soul is so excited for the next phase to begin. Please know an increase in your discomfort is often an indicator that profound change is about to break through. Keep focused, do what you can to prepare and keep yourself comfortable until you land in the new energies, and know that evolution is a constant you can be sure of as an enlightening human being on an ascending planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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