Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 23, 2016


Dear Ones, you are in charge of your energetics. Many of you are very sensitive to energies, and are greatly affected by other people or environments. If this is the case, greater diligence will be required to keep your own energetics nice and clear. We wish to dispel the myth that you are powerless and will “catch” energy. Remember, the candle flame doesn’t worry about the darkness, it merely shines its light.

We are not advocates of psychic self protection techniques, as self protection loudly announces you believe there is something that you need protection from, which is a fear-based, separating approach. We encourage the practice of energetic clarity, which is what you are really seeking – to have your own unique energy running bright, clear, and unimpeded – which allows you to shine brightly in an empowered and connected state. The technique may be exactly the same but the intention behind it makes a profound difference.

It is as simple as finding your divine spark in your centre, wherever you think your centre is, and expanding it until it extends arms length all around you, until you are a shining ball of beautiful white or golden sparkling light. This technique works in a multitude of ways. It cleanses you from the inside out, supporting your health, wellness, and vibrancy. It also filters any energies that are not a match to you, but supports all the wonderful connection and love you wish to experience. Because you are showing up as your brightest, shining self, you are positively affecting all you come in contact with, so you are being of energetic service. And, lastly, because you are choosing to embrace your energetic truth, you will draw to you all the perfect energetic matches that exist for you, as well.

If you are exposed to people or environments that are energetically challenging to you, greater diligence will be required to keep your balance and your energy clear. But there is never a time when you cannot find your divine spark and expand it to positively affect both your own energy and the energy around you. It is a constant, always there for you to connect with and utilize, to assist you and others, as you continue your beautiful awakening journey. ~Archangel Gabriel

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