Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 28, 2012

Most of your simple sentences come down to the essence of one word. Words are powerful, they hold a very pure energy and very distinct energy. Let us give you an example. Have you ever noticed that if you are trying to correct a small child, and say for example, “Don’t hit.”, the child will then turn around and hit you? It is not because the child is naughty. It is because the child simply doesn’t hear negatives, and only heard the essence of the sentence, which was “hit”. You are simply not wired, in your original state, to hear negatives, but rather respond to the base energy of any statement. So a very simple tip to adjust the energy of any situation, is to very mindfully choose a word that would best capture the essence of what you would like to create. Why not try on the energy of many different words, then choose what feels best energetically? How about peace? Love. Calm. Ease. Harmony. Freedom. Creation. Bliss. If you sit quietly and feel words you can very quickly find one that holds the very energy you wish to have more of. Find a word you love and hold it, embrace it, wear it! It is a simple and effective technique that can create change very quickly. ~Archangel Gabriel

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