Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 4, 2012

Most of you were born into the world and taught that you were powerless. You were powerless in front of a vengeful God, you were powerless because of your race, your sex, your religion, your circumstances. Now, as an enlightening human being evolving beyond such old, destructive beliefs, you are being presented with the huge idea that you are vastly powerful and have, indeed, been creating your circumstances the whole way through. While relieving, in many ways, such a discovery can be frightening as well, as you realize that to accept such responsibility means stepping beyond victim consciousness and into your authentic power, self responsibility and accountability. Dear Ones, fully embracing your infinite ability to heal, create and lead yourselves is not only what you are here to do, it is what makes this time so unprecedented and incredibly special. You have, all of you, many, many lifetimes experiencing power for what it is, and what it is not. You are more than ready to step forward as the empowered leaders of not only your life expressions, but also of the New Earth. This is exactly what your soul has waited millenia for. ~Archangel Gabriel

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