Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 10, 2015

We have spoken about the attributes to look for in new relationships, but what if you wish to improve a relationship you are already in? We would like to discuss that today.

Many people lose their balance in their relationship by placing all of their focus on what their partner is doing. We remind you that the only thing you ever have control over is yourself. By taking your focus back, you step back into your authentic power. Then, by practicing self love and concentrating on your own growth and evolution, your world will naturally shift to reflect those changes back to you.

Dear Ones, people do not fall out of love, they fall out of appreciation. Remember how much you loved every last thing about your partner when you first met? How wonderful that felt, and how things just kept getting better and better? You were positively focused, which got you even more of what you loved! You can move back into that loving, appreciative place toward your partner whenever you like, which would be energetically supporting what you would like more of.

The final element you may wish to use to transform your existing relationship is to be fully present with your loved one. Dismissiveness can be a very hurtful energy. Honour your loved one with your attention. It is how you show another how loved, accepted and valuable they are to you. By being fully present and accepting, you become a safe person to the other, and they will naturally wish to connect more with you.

We understand that as the years go by it can be easy to become complacent with your partner. If you employ the steps we outlined today, it is possible to dust off your relationship and shift it back into something far more loving, caring, connected and enjoyable for all involved. If it doesn’t shift, it may be that the relationship has run its course and it’s time to move on. If that is the case, you will be able to let go knowing that you have given it every chance to become everything it could be. ~Archangel Gabriel

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