Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 12, 2013

Many human beings have a deep yearning for freedom.  This is because freedom and expansion are true aspects of the soul.  Many people mistakenly think they need to run away in order to get their freedom.  Running away is a drastic measure that is turned to when a person has lived for too long without honouring the self.  While you are part of the whole, and as such, wherever you may go you belong, running away is not necessary to experience freedom.  Freedom comes from embracing the flow.  It comes from practicing acceptance and allowing.  Freedom is experienced by embracing each expanded Now moment.  Most of all, freedom comes from giving yourself permission to be the expert on your own life expression and following your own inner guidance system.  Freedom is the expression of your BEingness, which embraces your divinity and allows your essence to shine in all its immortal glory.  You are ALL free –  glorious, shining, Gods and Goddesses on earth, free to experience whatever you desire as a human being of light in the body.  You have unlimited freedom and ability to create whatever makes your heart sings, so live, shine and SOAR. ~Archangel Gabriel

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