Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 18, 2014

Many people talk about earth school, about being in lesson. This comes with the idea that you are being tested and then judged on your performance, which is quite contrary to the truth. You are never being tested and judged by us! This is trying to apply an old construct to Source, suggesting there is something you can do to gain or lose favour with the universe. You are loved without condition. The love Source has for you is vast, unending, permanent and without borders. You cannot gain more of it, or disappoint us in any way that could take you out of it. The idea of being judged puts tremendous pressure on human beings and can greatly inhibit your choices or willingness to try new things.

Dear Ones, why not think of being in the body as entering the realm of experience? You are on the earth to try many new things, to self define, and to get to know yourself and your preferences even better. You are in the hands on, get messy, tactile, realm of physicality, and we cheer you on, delightedly, in all of your choices and attempts because we understand for each and every one of them, you get to know, and to fall in love with yourself, a little bit more. There is nothing in the entire universe more beautiful than a human in the act of self discovery. ~Archangel Gabriel

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