Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 2, 2016

Have you been embracing unity consciousness within yourself? If you see your body as something separate from you – something that has a mind of its own, or worse, as an enemy to you because you do not like how it looks or behaves, we encourage you to shift that thinking.

Your body is truly a miraculous structure – a brilliant collection of cells, codes, and systems, and the coziest, loveliest home for your soul to be able to experience life from. It has worked for you, lovingly and constantly from the moment you took your first breath, without asking for anything from you other than what is necessary for its survival. Talk about love! Your body has been in endless service to you for years.

Have you ever thought to stop and send love back to your body? To thank it for how it serves you? To nurture it, to bless it, to celebrate it? Can you see how seeing it with new eyes would start to include it in your gratitude and love, which would be incredibly unifying? Can you see how that is a way you could embody unity consciousness and unconditional love within yourself? What if a part of your body that is not experiencing whole health is actually just yearning for your love?

Dear Ones, it is time. It is time to celebrate and honour all the parts of you, to love, accept and appreciate the breathtaking and divinely perfect beauty of you, and as you do you will be anchoring and supporting the very aspects you wish to experience more of. ~Archangel Gabriel

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