Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 24, 2015

Dear Ones, have you ever noticed how certain elements or experiences seem to loop around into your awareness? Often this is the recurrence of a theme that caused upheaval and required a lot of of work and healing to come through. A common reaction could be, “Oh, not this again! I thought I healed this!” Let us explain why this occurs.

When you are in the planning stages of your life expression, you know there are certain elements you wish to experience for your healing and growth. You are also aware that you will be having a free will experience, and will be in a place that involves forgetting what you know, to a great extent. So you will create these opportunities, scattered throughout your life expression to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for the experience to be had.

You make sure that it recurs, because you completely understand there is no guarantee you will master the situation the first time. This is not a form of self punishment to have conditions crop up that are ripe to go through an experience time and again. In fact, it is simply a loving opportunity, placed long in advance by you, for you, to give you ample potential to move into the mastery you seek.

If you have already had a pivotal event that has done an excellent job of getting your attention, and has offered you deep insight, healing and an expansion of self, there may be no need to go through it again. So if you find yourself faced with an old theme, ask yourself if it is an experience your soul needs to have again. Do you feel like there is more there to learn? Is there still an active belief system there? Wounds that need to be released? New things to discover from the level of mastery you have now?

If you connect with your inner wisdom and feel there is no more need for the experience, simply see it as how diligently you set things up for yourself, and recognize it is not a path you need to go down again. Many times it does not indicate a lack of healing, in fact, it speaks to the fact that you have already gone through this healing experience, and can choose another option. It can be an indicator of how efficient you’ve already been, and that you are now ready to make a different choice. If you still yourself and listen to your innate knowingness, you will be able to tell the difference. ~Archangel Gabriel

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