Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 1, 2013

Congratulations, Dear Ones, you have moved into not only a new age, but a brand new year within your new age. You will have many, many opportunities to create and evolve, with energies that are supporting you like never before. But you must understand that while the energies can support and assist you in your enlightenment process, all change must come from within. If you are continuing old, disempowering behaviour and expect that stepping into the new year is going to make a magical difference you will be very disappointed, indeed. Expecting change to come from externals is giving your power away, and by choosing this tactic, you are choosing to experience the same old energy all over again. If you really wish for 2013 to be the best year you have ever experienced, Dear Ones, embrace your authentic power and co-create it! ~Archangel Gabriel

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