Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 15, 2013

Today we wish to speak to you about the gift of the lull period.  Lulls, or periods of time where there is little perceived movement, can be challenging.  Enlightening human beings are getting much better at staying in the flow but can become very concerned when they feel a stall in movement. Lulls are always a wonderful gift!  They allow you time to integrate what you have learned.  They help you adjust energetically.  Perhaps you were desperately in need of some rest and self nurturing, or you needed some time to honour yourself and your spirituality.  Perhaps you simply needed some time to BE.  It could be that you had worked so diligently you arrived in a space in record time and have to wait for other elements to fall into place.  The key during a lull period is to rest assured that all is well!  Take advantage of the quiet time that is being presented to you.  Consider it a gift or a mini vacation.  If you stay calm, accepting and focused and understand there is ALWAYS forward movement (you just are not able to see it at the time), you will be poised and ready to move into acceleration again when the energies support it.  Embracing both periods of lull and acceleration are equally important when you are surrendering to the flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

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