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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 2, 2024

No pain, no gain. Life is hard. You eke out an existence. Love is sacrifice. You are born a sinner and must repent. We could go on and on. Look at all the disempowering belief systems woven into your societal outlook!

Dear Ones, your life is not some cross to bear! It is your unique masterpiece of expression with limitless possibilities. Ask yourself what belief systems are still part of your subconscious due to your conditioning. By examining this you can easily pinpoint what is keeping you small and what doesn’t honour who you really are. Then let it go!

Let yourself shine and know that not only is it your divine right, it is what you are in the body to do. You do not need to suffer to earn anything. All you need to do is step into your authentic power and start creating the life expression you deserve. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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