Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 20, 2015

When you navigate your life from an unshakeable place of self love, you will find decisions become easier. You will experience less extremes. Healthy boundaries will be clearer. People will respect and honour you because you hold that respect and honour for yourself.

Self love doesn’t need to be hard to move into. If you are unsure if a situation is unfolding in a way that is appropriate for you, simply ask yourself if it would be acceptable treatment for your best friend or a beloved child. If the answer is no, it is not acceptable for you either. Many of you have been conditioned to make decisions based on externals – on what will please others. What a faulty premise, because satisfaction can only come from within. It is impossible to assume responsibility for another’s emotions. It has been disempowering and distracting, to say the least, to try to live your life expression in a satisfying and predictable way while depending on the wild card of other people’s responses.

Again, love is the most transformative, empowered element there is. It is the fuel that will help you arrive at all of the adventures your soul seeks to experience. Allow it to be your first response for yourself and you will be so whole and nurtured that it will automatically become your first response to everything and everyone else in your life, too. ~Archangel Gabriel

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