Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 21, 2014

We understand that a great deal of you are continuing to struggle with your monetary abundance. There are a few key points we would like to address on that topic today.

Do not expect that money can only come from certain sources. For example, if you only make so much a week at your job, do not presume that is your only source of money. Money can come to you in a myriad of ways. If you expect money is limited to a certain amount from a specific stream, you completely restrict how the universe can deliver to you. Be open to money finding its way to you in many different ways and you will greatly assist the universe in it’s desire to assist you. Make it a fun game of expectation and discovery!

Do not think money is the only answer. Money is a fantastic tool that you can turn into many things. The universe also enjoys giving to you exactly what you seek without the “middleman” of money. Be open to the many ways the universe can deliver to you, and don’t be surprised if the exact items you desire start to appear without the use of money at all!

Do not underestimate the path of joy as being a vital abundance tool. When you are in joy, you are in your highest alignment. From there, you are best able to create the life of your dreams, because you are connected to your greatest power Source! (smile) When you are in that alignment, you are in flow, in movement, in connection. That is where the divine inspirations come from that can change your life in the most wonderful ways. That is where you connect with your inner guidance system, to help you know how to proceed in the most empowered ways.

The idea that joy was frivolous is directly responsible for the lack many humans have experienced in their lives. Hard work does not guarantee abundance, as a great many of the working poor can attest to. Alignment is what brings all of the love, beauty, health, ease and delight you seek. If you cannot release the idea of hard work is necessary for your abundance, we suggest you “work hard” at your alignment and joy. ~Archangel Gabriel

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