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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 24, 2023

Many of you who have been poised and ready to move forward in your lives feel that you have done all you can do and that it is just a matter of divine timing. There may be quite a difference between when you think things should happen and when that divine timing will occur. Because of that, some of you are frustrated and are starting to dislike the concept of divine timing. You may feel like it is not honouring you or that you are in it alone, waiting for some blessing to be bestowed upon you that you don’t know how to align with, which may be making you feel powerless.

If that is the case for you, we recommend you swap out the term divine timing for divine orchestration. Divine orchestration is a truer representation of what is happening, as you could be perfectly in place, raring and ready to go, but perhaps the person who is meant to step into your shoes as you get released from a service contract still needs a little more time to develop their skills, or simply has to find the courage to be ready to step into their next role.

There are many elements that need to come together as you move forward in your lives, and they all work with synchronization so there are no energetic gaps or people left wanting.

Dear Ones, the orchestra works together, with all different tones and vibrations and instruments that, when synchronized, all lend to the beauty and the joy of the whole. Since you are kind and compassionate beings on the planet to support the shift of consciousness, looking at it this way will help you stay in the space of love and patience as others arrive to take their positions so you can all make beautiful music together. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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