Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 27, 2015

Why not have a grand experiment? Why not try starting your days with different kinds of surrender? One day you might do a general surrender to Source and enter into the flow. Another day you might surrender into the flow of love. Another day you might surrender into being of your highest purpose. Another you may choose to surrender into joy. Then perhaps try not surrendering at all.

When you treat things like an experiment, it allows you to be open to how things unfold. You can very effectively stay out of resistance and into a space of openness while testing the waters of the flow, so to speak, when you get your mind to detach by giving it the job of observer. See which types of surrender feel best to you. Which days feel most wonderful? Most magical? Most supported? Most fun?

You have nothing to lose, Dear Ones, and everything to gain, so why not have some fun exploring different options? We have a feeling you may be pleasantly surprised to see the difference surrender and flow can make to the quality of your day to day life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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