Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 28, 2014

Imagination is a wonderful gift of the human being. Many of you have been taught to put away your imagination, to be mature, to not be frivolous. This is such a disservice to you, because the imagination is one of your most powerful tools! The imagination has flow. It creates and moves energy through its focus. When you are in that state of flow and creation, you are aligned with Source. It is from that space that your divine inspirations are discovered. Imagination allows you to experience many different things. It leads to a far greater excitement about life. When you create through your imagination, you are able to experience your own creator self, your own mastery, your own authentic power. You are able to create beauty through your own lens, which will always be a delightful demonstration of your own unique energies. It is through the use of imagination that children create magic in their Now moments and experience joy. Dear Ones, just because you are an adult do not think your imagination has lost its purpose! It is a fantastic and vital creation tool, so dust it off and enjoy the fun and magic it has to offer you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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