Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 3, 2017


Dear Ones, the times you are in, right now, are the exact times you have been preparing for. It is time to remember what you know, to dip into the vast pool of knowledge you have gained from experience, and put the wisdom you have attained into practice.

You are ready! You have been devoted to your learning and evolution. It is time to honour the work that you have done and allow your own divinity and innate wisdom to be your navigation system. We often speak of trust as being an essential element to move forward in your enlightenment process. It is recommended that you now put that trust in yourself and know that you are ready to allow your truth and love to lead the way.

You do not need to be perfect to begin. You will continue to grow and expand, learn and evolve, as always, through your experiences. But your soul is ready to begin to navigate in new and empowered ways, to create and connect, and shine brightly in the truth of your beingness. ~Archangel Gabriel

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