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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 30, 2018

Dear Ones, do you believe you can have it all? Do you believe all your dreams are available to you? Or do you believe you can have only have a limited amount of success in the creation of your desires? Do you think it is greedy, unattainable, or will result in bad things happening to you if you have it all?

What if things are not coming together for you because you are not thinking big enough? Your soul will always struggle with your attempts to stay small because it is always seeking expansion and your highest life expression. It is not interested in supporting you in limitation or staying in a state of contraction or denial, for it knows that by denying your gifts and experiences nobody wins.

Having it all is embracing the full potential of continual expansion and growth based on what your unique aspect of Source wishes to try, contribute, and express at any given moment. There is no end point, just new platforms to create from. And it is that evolution that supports the entire universe.

So if you are frustrated because you are having trouble manifesting something your heart desires, take the time to examine whether you are aiming for much less than what is really available to you. If you knew for sure you could have anything you wanted, how much different would it be from what you are trying to create? Is there room for expansion?

If you can’t see how, ask the universe to show you how you may be holding yourself back and move into acceptance of the perfect creation for you. You just may be surprised at how much more has always been waiting for you to move into the energy of being fully willing to receive. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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