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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 31, 2023

Dear Ones, if you find yourselves at a point in your life where you don’t know what to do next, here is a list of activities that are always supported that we highly recommend you prioritize until you find the clarity you are seeking.

Focus on your breathing.

Be fully present in the now moment.

Practic gratitude.


Connect either through meditation or prayer.

Pay attention to signs and synchronicities.

Deepen your faith and trust.

Practice acceptance.


Do you see? All of these are action steps you can take that will only expand your spiritual practices and support you both in the present moment and whatever your next phase may be. There is always, always something you can do that will enhance your journey and satisfy your need to feel productive. You just might need to broaden what you consider to be action and productivity to include your quieter practices. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Hi everyone! I’ve started this gofundme for a lovely family who has lived in my neighbourhood as long as I’ve been in Florida and have been displaced by hurricane Ian. I’ve never done a gofundme for someone before or asked my community to support one but this family truly needs help.

This is a family of a mom with 6 children. They had been living in a four bedroom rental for years, but the storm damaged the home and the landlord evicted them. They have been staying in a hotel waiting for a fema trailer but the hotel option has been exhausted now and the mom, Sarah, is now living in her minivan with her 6 children, ages 3 – 17. With the cost of rentals having soared over the past couple of years she’s having an awful time finding something affordable for her and her children. She has been approved for a fema trailer, she’s just waiting for the call but obviously a fema trailer is a stop gap measure. I’m hoping to raise enough money so she can afford to get into a proper home.

This is a wonderful mom who has been a fixture in our neighbourhood. Right after the storm she was the first one to clean up the yard of an elderly neighbour with her children and wouldn’t accept payment for it because she wanted to teach her children that it is good to give. Now I want to give back to her.

If you can spare anything, even the smallest amount, it would be so appreciated to help them get back on their feet. Every penny donated with go directly to this family (it is set up so any money withdrawn will go into her bank account), so you can be sure your money will go exactly where you want it to. If you are not able to donate, prayers and energetic support are also welcome to help this family through this very difficult time. If you do feel guided to donate you can do so through the link below. Together I know we can make a real difference and help this family get a fresh start.


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