Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 11, 2017

Dear Ones, there is so much love for you. There is so much support for you. There is so much guidance for you. There is so much abundance for you. All of the things that you seek are right there for you. It is your level of allowance that dictates your experience.

Do you truly open up and accept love or do you feel like if you do you will get hurt, or used, or rejected in some way? Do you fully utilize the guidance that is available to you from your guides and helpers or do you decide to go it alone? Are you open to the universe bringing abundance to you in a myriad of ways or do you limit yourself by believing it can only come through certain avenues? If you have an area of your life that is not unfolding for you as easily as you would like, we suggest asking yourself what your limiting beliefs are about receiving that are constraining your flow.

Are you ready to shift into full faith and trust and acceptance to experience the vast abundance available to you? Are you ready to see your true worthiness and step into your authentic power as a co-creator? Are you willing to fully open up to the wondrous solutions and experiences that have always existed as for you that you haven’t been in allowance of simply because you couldn’t imagine they were possible? ~Archangel Gabriel

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