Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 17, 2012

At this point, many of you have a very good spiritual knowledge base. You have gathered a lot of very useful information, all in preparation for the times you are in. Dear Ones, now is the time to start applying that knowledge! Many of you understand the importance of nurturing yourselves, yet you continue to put others first and wear yourselves out. Many of you know that you stay balanced when you practice meditation yet continue to be “too busy” to honour yourselves in such a manner. You understand that you are always creating with your thoughts and belief systems yet continue the old disempowering chatter out of habit. The skill base you have is designed to help you move forward with the greatest comfort and ease but it simply cannot assist you if you do not use it. Now is the time to take the reins and consistently apply what you know. It is the only way to have the empowered life expression you dream of. ~Archangel Gabriel

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