gold and rust wave trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 17, 2018

It is common during any large shift of energy to have emotions brought up to the surface to facilitate the next layer of healing available to you. For many of you, this means old deep wounds, the kind that you have gone out of your way to avoid, may be insisting upon your attention.

These energies are like balls of fear. Fear has kept them tamped down for so long, because it felt too daunting to look at them. Many of you have had the avoidance approach, not wanting to get too near them or disturb them in any way. Fear is at the bottom of any energy that is not healed. So fear is what drives these emotions, and more fear is what makes you not want to address them.

The problem with fear is that it is paralyzing – it keeps you from the freedom of realizing your highest expression of self. And that is why these issues are insistant upon getting your love and attention, so you can move on to the next exciting phase of your life unencumbered.

Your emotions are wanting your love and acknowledgement. So we invite you to sit quietly with the intention of beginning to bring them up to the light from the depths of where they have been pushed down for so long. This may bring about discomfort as you prepare to do this. Stop and ask yourself what the fear is. Reflect on how different you are now from who you were when this original wound occurred. You have all grown so much! You have learned a great deal as you have navigated your enlightenment journey. You are well prepared to step forward now as your own loving parent, guide, and best friend.

Ask what fear is sitting underneath the emotion. Is that true now? Was it ever true? If it was true, understand it served you then but no longer serves who you have evolved into. Allow yourself to fully feel it. If it becomes too much, you can take an observant viewpoint, until you are ready to go back to feeling it. This is quite rare, for usually if you allow yourself to name and feel the emotion it dissipates quite quickly. As with so many things, you may be surprised to realize that the avoidance was far more uncomfortable than actually doing the exercise.

If you could give your fear or your wound form, what would it look like? Could you hug it and love it and reassure it now? How would your love transform it? If you feel like you can’t do that, can you give it to an angel or master to do it for you?

Now connect with the aspect of you that had the emotion and experienced the wounding. Gather up that part of you with your tender loving embrace and reassure that aspect that you will always honour it and keep it safe from now on. Tell it you are so sorry it felt so bad for so long. Feel it heal and integrate back into the wholeness of you.

What is left behind once you allow those old energies to shift up and out through your acknowledgement and self love? This is the best part! What is left is more space to embody your own glorious light and love to express your own divine nature. Allow yourself to fill up with the love that you are and know you are safe to take that step and shine. This is the gift of all of the shifts you are going through, energetically refining yourself back to your own beautiful truth and beingness. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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