Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 19, 2016


Dismissiveness is an energetic theme that is coming up for healing at this time for many of you. Being dismissed is being treated with a lack of empathy which leaves one with a feeling of being unimportant, and leaves the door open for abuse and neglect. It exacerbates self esteem issues and original wounds. As each soul is awakening to the discovery of their own divine perfection, dismissiveness will be felt as a particularly painful experience, as it is now coming up for release and healing. It cannot be ignored any longer.

Dear Ones, do not be afraid to honour your own worth! Own who you really are – an individuated aspect of Source energy, a vital part of the mosaic of the whole. Your unique stamp is absolutely required on the planet at this time, and the brighter you shine in your truth and beauty, the greater of service you are. If another cannot see you in your truth, it does not mean you are not a glorious being. Do not give your power away by letting another define your worth. Do not give your power away by needing another to define your worth. Know your truth and value. You are good and you are divine and you are needed. You are celebrated for your tender heart and your courage and contributions.

See others in their truth and divinity, as well. See people. Really see them. Look at them. Celebrate them. Honour them. Respect them. Feel them. Lift them up. Encourage them. Create a safe space for them to heal, too.

The reason why dismissiveness is so painful is because it separates. It tricks you into thinking you are not worthy, that you are not divine perfection. It also makes you want to separate from others. As you all start to see and honour each other, and yourselves, as the beautiful sparks of divinity you all are, you will unify and come together from a place of worthiness, welcoming, and acceptance for all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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