Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 29, 2014

Have you ever seen children playing the game, Red Light, Green Light? It is basically a game of stop and go. The children run around delightedly until the leader yells, “Red light!”, and they all suddenly freeze, waiting for “Green light!” to launch themselves into action again.

This may feel very much like the energies you are in of late. Many of you feel like you are in long periods of waiting, followed by short bursts of activity. This is very common during the choppy energies of change, and a wise human being learns to harness the positive attributes of both phases.

If you watch children playing this game, you will see they embrace all parts of the game. They squeal with joy when it is time to move, but they also embrace the pause as part of the fun, and wait, in excited expectation to be released back into movement again. They don’t wonder if anyone will ever say green light again, or if there is something wrong if they are in a pause. They merely stay in the Now and enjoy the entirety of the activity. If you really observe, they stay focused on the movement phase, and always treat the stopping as a temporary thing.

Dear Ones, you could learn so much from your children! If you are in a pause, rest up, and stay in excited certainty that movement will come soon. If you are in movement, give it your all, secure in the fact that you won’t get over tired because a pause will come soon enough to give you a chance to catch your breath. Do you see? Both phases work so beautifully with each other, giving you everything you need. ~Archangel Gabriel

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