Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 11, 2013

The ego self, the part of you that seeks to keep you small, will do just about anything to keep you from spending quality time with yourself. It uses distraction to keep you from connecting with your authentic power/highest alignment, and experiencing the growth, expansion and creation that comes from that connectedness. Since the world you live in has been created from that 3D consciousness, humans are finding themselves with such busy lifestyles, they are stretched to the limit. They run from one thing to the next, completely exhausting themselves. If they do finally snatch a moment for themselves, they are usually so worn out they fall asleep right away.

Because you are so busy, many of you are wishing your lives away, trying to complete one chore after another, trying to win a race that has no finish line. Because you are always focused on the next thing that must be done, you are no longer living in the Now moment where all the magic is.

Dear Ones, we implore you to slow down. We realize that for many of you it will take time to rearrange your lives into more manageable, balanced expressions. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay present in what you are doing. As you are mowing the lawn, enjoy the air. Wonder at the sky. Give thanks. Hear the birds. Marvel at the beauty of the flowers. Talk to your guides! Thank your beloved Earth for all she provides. If you must cook dinner, look at it as an expression of love, not a chore that must be completed in a rush. Feel gratitude for the food you have. If you must clean the house, look at it as vibrational adjustment that supports the entire family. Feel appreciation for the home you have. If you must go to work, incorporate the flow into your day and find enjoyment in whatever aspects you can in that environment. Give thanks for having that source of abundance.

By simply adding in mindfulness to what you are doing and staying present, you are supporting yourself energetically. From that more empowered place, you will be able to slow down and connect with Source. You will begin incorporating your highest alignment to your day to day life and that will always create empowered change in the most marvellous ways to your life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

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