Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 13, 2017

Dear Ones, if a situation becomes more and more uncomfortable for you, it is a sign that it is not being energetically supported for you and that there is something else that is a better energetic match. The discomfort exists to get you to prepare for and embrace change. You get to decide how great that discomfort gets.

Some of you will become very adept at reading the signs and willingly embracing where the energy is trying to move you, others will need to get quite uncomfortable to be absolutely sure it is time to move on before they allow themselves to let something go. There is no right or wrong, simply your personal choice of how much unease you wish to experience before you move into the unknown of your next great adventure.

Please know that the universe is never out to punish you! It only ever gets as strong as necessary for your soul to get your attention and to lead you to your next perfect match. The more you get comfortable with practicing self love and reading subtle energies, the more your path will smooth out with greater grace and ease, not because the universe loves you any more than it already does, but simply because you are willingly embracing the flow. ~Archangel Gabriel

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