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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 26, 2018

Dear Ones, stepping into being a co-creator is thrilling and exhilarating. It can also feel scary and stressful at times until you develop an even deeper level of faith and trust in the process of unfoldment and staying open to the energies of the unknown. Be kind and gentle with yourselves! You are developing a new skill set.

Think of when you first learned to drive. It was so exciting to think of all the ways you could expand your life and experience freedom, but it was also nerve wracking until you were able to practice and develop familiarity with the process. Before long, it became second nature and the stress ebbed away and what was left was enjoyment and appreciation for your new abilities.

The same it is as you keep developing your skills, continually expanding your vistas, and embodying new energies and levels of mastery. Before you know it, you will be far more comfortable with the entire process, the stress will dissipate, and what will be left is the joy that comes from being an experienced co-creator. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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