Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 30, 2015

Surrender and flow, with faith and trust, activates your team of highest advisors to, in the most direct way possible, lead you to your highest experiences. By getting out of your own way, out of the agonizing and trying, worrying and overthinking, you are immediately able to enter into empowered, co-creative movement.

If you have a blockage, surrender and flow may bring you right to it. This is a good thing! If you don’t panic, you will be able to resolve that issue once and for all, and finally flow beyond it. In fact, we would say surrender and flow is the most efficient way to find the resolution you seek.

Most of you are willing to surrender into the flow but resist the second you bump up against an old issue. Dear Ones, it is your faith and trust that will allow you to resolve it once and for all, and get to the sweet spot your soul has been trying to lead you to all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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