Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 1, 2016

So many of you dear, tender humans carry such shame and sadness for your perceived failures. You see every event where you are less than your idea perfect as a sign of your lack of divinity. This is such faulty thinking!

You see, there is never a time when you are not divine! You are all individuated aspects of Source energy. This would amount to a tree refusing to absorb water and sunlight and withering away because it thought it was not a tree.

The goodness you seek is always inside you. It has never not been there. As soon as you take a moment to still yourself and delve deep within your precious heart, you will find the very thing you have been seeking all along. Once you embrace that and allow it to lead the way, you will finally be able to experience yourself in your truth and brilliance, as you gloriously find your way home to yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel

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