Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 11, 2014

Imagine that you are a beautiful, shining, multi-faceted jewel. You shimmer and reflect light and dazzle with your beauty. That is who you are, and your natural state of being. But over time, by not paying attention, you start to pick up grime. Fear, doubt, resistance, all leave a layer of density on your jewel. The grime of those energies attracts even more density from other people and environments. And the things that you choose to immerse yourself in that are not empowering, leave their own energetic sludge behind as well. Before you know it, you are so obscured by density that is not even yours, that is not your truth, that you find it hard to remember that you are a beautiful shiny jewel!

Dear Ones, energetic clarity is so important to remembering your truth! Just as you must care for things in the physical, your energy body needs your tender care as well. Support yourself with high vibrating foods and activities. Meditate. Spend time in nature. Move your body in exercise that supports your wellness. Immerse yourself in salt water. Pray. Choose activities that feel good to you and empower you. Connect within and listen to what you need because you will always instinctively know. Understand that you are the captain of your own ship, so connect back to that inner truth and allow it to shine! Much of the discomfort humans go through can be avoided by practicing basic energetic maintenance. ~Archangel Gabriel

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