Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 12, 2013

Many of you ask, “How do I get more love in my life?”  It is quite simple, Dear Ones.  To have more love, you must BE love.  If you are feeling lack in the love department, we would ask how are you blocking it?  Do you have gratitude for those in your life?  Do you act in a loving way throughout your day?  Are you accepting of expressions of love or do you shoo them away, preferring to do for yourself, or assuring people you are ok?  It is very easy to shift this, you’ll be happy to know.  Simply BE more loving throughout your day.  Smile at people.  Be kind.  Express appreciation.  See the divinity in others and treat them in a way that honours that.  Focus on what you want more of.  Be thoughtful.  Show love in the myriad of ways it can be shown!  If you are waiting for others to do it first, you are operating from a place of lack and separation, which will only create more of the same.  As the captain of your own ship, you must change the course if you are not content with how things are.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly the tide can shift with some simple expressions of your truth, which is that you are a being of love. ~Archangel Gabriel

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