woman dancing in moonlight trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 29, 2022

Dear Ones, we speak of it often, but we wish to remind you that you are part of a larger overall system of ebb and flow. As you continue through your own embodiment process, there will be times for expansive forward movement and other times that are for rest, rejuvenation, and integration. No phase is wrong. Each is necessary and supports the other.

A wise human trusts this and naturally shifts to reap the rewards of each individual phase. If you are in a lull, rest and reflect knowing you are in preparation for your next action phase. If you are in an action phase, ride the wave and embrace every bit of your supported forward movement. There will surely be a time to rest that will follow.

When you can stay in acceptance of it all as part of a greater system that is designed to support you and assure your success, you will find the blessings of every phase, and be able to settle into presence and gratitude for every bit of it, and that will make your journey far more pleasurable.

Do you see? Just as the sun rises and sets, and the tides go in and out, your are part of the same systems. How glorious to recognize that you are not separate from it all, but rather as important as the moon and the oceans because you are a beloved soul who dances and breathes with the universe. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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