Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 3, 2015

Waiting for luck or good fortune to finally smile upon you is not an empowered way of living. It is waiting to be rescued, which indicates a belief that you think you are powerless and that life is something that happens to you. Dear Ones, that is much like sitting on a well stocked picnic basket, with your stomach growling, waiting for someone to come load your plate and feed you!

Your life is a co-creative process. You are the director of your team of helpers. How can you ever get the results that satisfy you if you are giving all your power away? How can your helpers satisfy you when all you hold is some vague desire for circumstances to sweep in and make it better? What does better mean to you? What can you do right now to embody what you wish to experience?

Assume your rightful role as CEO of your life expression. Declare what you wish to experience and then, with consistent focus and actions that match your intentions, watch the energies begin to respond to your leadership. It does not need to be hard work. Far from it! It is a joyful experience filled with excitement, magic and fun when you start to work with the incredible power of the flow and a completely cooperative universe, that supports you in whatever you choose. ~Archangel Gabriel

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