Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 6, 2018

As this is a year of flow and creation, people’s focus will naturally be on their ability to manifest and move into life expressions that are far more in line with what they would like to experience. We love that you are all experimenting with your creative abilities!

Almost every enlightening human being will come to a point of frustration where what they are wishing to create is not coming together for them. We wish to offer some insight as to why that may be.

One of the greatest requirements to manifesting is your willingness to receive. Most enlightening human beings are far better at giving than they are at receiving. This is because they are on the planet with service contracts. It is far more natural to them to put others first. Because they see themselves as the help, they have trouble accepting help from others. If you are having trouble creating what you desire, we highly recommend that you examine how willing you are to receive.

Do you take compliments well? If someone offers help do you gratefully accept it? Do you make time to focus on your own wellness? Do you see unconditional love as being an aspect that applies to everyone including you? The first place to adjust if you are having difficulty in creation is your willingness to openheartedly receive in the many ways the universe can deliver to you.

Tied into an ability to receive is feeling worthy. Dear Ones, there is not one thing you need to do in order to be deserving of what you wish to experience. As an individuated aspect of Source energy, it is your birthright. You are a part of All That Is, and as such have access to everything in the universe, as does every other person on the planet. You are not taking away from another in order to receive, either. There is more than enough for everyone.

Some of you have fear or doubt associated with stepping into embracing your authentic power as a creator. As power issues are at the forefront of the focus this year, it may be time to examine how you feel about being powerful. If you are staying in alignment, being empathetic, and conscious in your decisions, you will never misuse power, Dear Ones. You will create mindfully and beautifully.

Are you being too inflexible in what you wish to create or setting the bar too low? Do you limit the universe by thinking abundance can only come from one place? Often what the universe and your soul wish to deliver to you is much grander than what you can imagine! If something isn’t coming together for you, why not loosen it up a little? Why not surrender into the flow of endless potentials and allow the universe freer rein to show you what is possible? It may be a wonderful gift that you haven’t manifested something that was far less than what you really deserve and is available for you!

Are you surrendering into the flow with faith and trust long enough for the magic to happen? It is common to doubt when things are coming together behind the scenes. Ask for signs that you are on the right track. Use your guides and helpers! Stay open and positive. There is no faster way to stop the flow of creation than to fall into fear and doubt. The more you allow your energy to shine brightly and purely, the more satisfying will be your results.

Use whatever methods help you stay in a positive space of alignment. We also highly recommend that you do whatever you can do to support your dreams in your present moment. Educate yourself on what it is you are trying to bring into reality. Meditate and feel it as if it were already part of your life (if you can imagine it, it is!) Make space for what you want to create. There are so many little things you can do to support it from where you are. Gratitude is a wonderful tool to anchor the energy of what is desired, as well. Trust that God’s timing is perfect timing.

Above all, we want you to play with it and find what works best for you. If something isn’t working, rather than sitting in frustration, try something new! Get creative. Use your mastery and follow your own intuition. Develop your own tips and tricks that allow you to expand and explore and tweak your own ability to manifest. How do you know it’s time to try something new? If you are frustrated, or if your body is feeling clenched and fearful. You simply cannot create what you wish to experience from a space of contraction.

Creation can be great fun, and that is the energy we wish for you to experience during this phenomenal year of potential and forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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