Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 7, 2017

You have had much contrast in the energies of late. While most of you understand the shifting, releasing, and integration process that is happening, you may not be aware of another purpose of such intense and differing energies. They teach you how to move with whatever the energies are supporting at any given time. This allows you to practice the new, more efficient way of navigating your path, which consists of riding the energetic waves and creating with grace and ease through flow.

During times of intensity, the energies insist upon certain things. The fatigue will be so strong that you can’t help but lie down. You may feel so activated that you can’t help but move around. You will be drawn to certain foods, to activities that soothe the soul. You will simply need to honour the phase you are in because nothing else will suffice.

This is a great teaching tool. It allows you to truly see how pushing against times that require rest is futile, and also how riding a wave of forward moving energy allows you to accomplish far more in a shorter amount of time. It shifts you out of the old paradigm of pushing through and doing something no matter what, into the new, wiser approach of waiting for the right energetic wave and then harnessing that universal energy to serve you and what you desire to achieve.

It is this new approach of navigation and co-creation that will allow you to settle into being far more comfortable and easy about your enlightenment journey. It is surrendered movement, understanding that when the time is perfect you will accomplish much, and when it is not you can simply concentrate on what brings you comfort and joy. You will come to embrace all of the different aspects of the flow, to allow the unfoldment to serve you in all your endeavours, and finally give yourself permission to move with the natural rhythm of the universe. ~Archangel Gabriel

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