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Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 7, 2023

We understand many of you struggle with the phase of manifestation that occurs behind the scenes. We would like to offer you another analogy to help you understand the importance of that phase.

Let us imagine that you have an idea to start a website. That idea feels really good to you so you start to take the steps to make that happen. You purchase the domain name, decide on the host, and begin the building process.

You know how you want it to look as an end result, and the pages you need it to contain. But before your site can look and behave the way you need it to, it must be built behind the scenes. The coding and templating and content must be in place in order for it to work properly and give you the result you are looking for.

If you tried to launch the site before it was completed properly it would give you a frustrating result, with broken links and limited functionality. It is the exact same with your manifestations. Giving them the time they need to give you the full result without trying to rush things or giving up before they have a chance to take on form is an essential part of the creation process, and well worth your patience and care. It is how you serve the manifestation so the manifestation can serve you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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