Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 12, 2015

Many of you have spiritual self protection practices. While we understand the reason you have adopted such habits, we would like to offer a tweak to that practice that will best honour who you really are.

When you focus on self protection, you are stating to the universe that there is something you need protection from. It is coming from a fear of being victimized, which is still playing in old energies. Spiritual self protection, in effect, separates, while you are trying to move into the energies of unconditional love and unity consciousness.

What you are really aiming for is energetic clarity. You are looking to shine your own wonderful energy, clearly, brightly, and unimpeded, as you claim your authentic power. It is standing in your spiritual sovereignty, owning your truth and your divinity, demonstrating that nothing can be stronger than you as a beloved piece of Source energy.

Do you see? The steps of self protection and energetic clarity may be exactly the same. It is the intention that makes all the difference in the world. ~Archangel Gabriel

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