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Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 16, 2023

Every single experience you have serves you in some way. It is either a match to who you authentically are and what truly aligns with you or it is not, which allows you to redirect into something that is a better fit. Both will ultimately lead to your expansion. The more you get to know and trust your truth and authenticity, the more adept you get at recognizing true matches quicker which means your path becomes smoother because you will spend less time trying to figure out if something is a match to you or not.

It is common for your ego self to cause a commotion when you are about to take a big step forward on your evolutionary journey. Its go-to tactic to cause you to stop is activating fear and doubt. This is always a sure sign of progress, because if you were not onto something big it would not be making a peep. You can soothe that ego self by letting it know you are wise and in charge, and by reassuring it that it always has a secure spot with you and will never be left behind.

It is also common when you are about to take a big leap to experience excitement which can sometimes be mistaken for fear or anxiety. Other times your body will have a very strong no response to going down a certain path because that path is not healthy or supported for you at all. So how on earth can you tell the difference?

If your ego is creating the fear, or it is merely excitement, if you pay close attention you will realize that your heart still desires to go down that path. You feel your soul calling you in that direction. The flow will keep trying to take you there and you will see many signs and synchronicities.

If you are experiencing a loud no response to an experience in your body and you keep trying to go down that path, you will continue to get uncomfortable. You won’t feel the calling of your heart underneath it all, in fact, your heart will join the chorus of no’s. You will also notice that path is not energetically supported and it will require lots of effort with very little in return. All of this is simply so you will recognize it is not the best way forward and you will redirect.

Again, with your awareness you will get much better at recognizing what is going on with you and you will discern much faster whether a path is worth following or not. But even if you feel you’ve gotten it wrong it is still a success because it has given you more clarity moving forward. Over time the big detours will become less and less and your forward movement will become smoother and clearer while still offering you a myriad of potentials and possibilities. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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