Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 23, 2017

Dear Ones, it can be disheartening when there are acts from others in the world that are cruel and designed to feed fear. You could interpret disheartened as meaning knocked out of your heart centre.

As your world continues to evolve and there are events and behaviours that are difficult to understand through that process, we urge you to continue to be pioneers by staying centred in love, to continue to allow your beautiful and tender hearts to shine and show the way, for that is the way to anchor peace on your planet.

Your shift is driven by one person at a time waking up and standing tall in their truth and embodying their beingness. Do not ever underestimate the power of the collective that will indeed turn the tide into the creation of the New Earth you all seek. You do not need to have an answer to all the problems, you just need to allow your innate goodness to lead the way. ~Archangel Gabriel

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