Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 28, 2013

Enjoyment is such a vital part of your life expression, yet many of you have replaced it with duty and responsibility. You have adopted a belief system that doing so is noble and somehow makes you a better person.

You came into the body with your own unique preferences, with your special talents and interests that bring you joy, to assist you in navigating your path, to help you to stay in your highest alignment and help you discover your own unique life purpose. To reject joy on any level is to keep yourself away from what you have originally intended to experience this lifetime! Most human beings are not living the life of their dreams and it is for this very reason.

Dear Ones, what brings you happiness, what you are passionate about, is not frivolous! Far from it! It is a part of you that wishes to be explored, nurtured and celebrated. As you give yourself permission to do so and start to make your joy a vital part of your life expression, you will create new movement that will result in improvement in ALL areas of your life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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