Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 3, 2016

Many of you have become so accustomed to the idea of everything being hard, that the moment you hit a place of ease on your path you immediately start thinking that you have missed something, that you are being lazy, that your ego is tricking you, or that it can’t be real. The hard work you have done of releasing, integrating and healing over the past several years is designed to do just that, allow you to start navigating your lives in whole new ways, that are more about flowing than efforting. Feeling greater grace and ease, support and flow, are the natural outcome of the work you have done as you are learning the new operating systems of the enlightening human being. Don’t be afraid to trust in it!

Rest assured, if you are staying in a state of surrender and flow, if something needs to be addressed it will come up into your awareness. You can deal with it as part of the flow and stay in forward movement. This is trusting in the process. It is a far better approach than constantly looking for trouble. As we have said so many times, if you are in troubleshooting mode all the time, you will always find more trouble to shoot.

Ease is the outcome of allowing your highest self to lead the way with your evolution, expansion, and desired experiences in mind, with the support of an entire universe. You will have much more fun if you can allow yourself to accept that whatever you need will present itself in each right now moment. It is the natural evolution of the work you have done to start to experience more and more ease with the process. It does not mean you are missing anything, it means that you have been very diligent and everything is oh, so right. ~Archangel Gabriel

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