Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 1, 2016


If you find yourself feeling an emotion that is uncomfortable, we advise that you stop and ask what about this situation is making me feel unsafe? Is that true? Is it related to this lifetime? Does it come from this experience or something that has happened before? Emotions always carry a wealth of information for you. If you stop and examine the emotion, you may be surprised by what it has to tell you.

Once you have stopped and explored the emotion, ask yourself what can I do to make myself feel safe in this right now moment? What do I need that I can give myself? Assume the role of being your own loving parent, best friend, and guide. Take all the time you need to fully process the emotion and love yourself in the process.

We understand you have had many hurts and have many energies coming up for acknowledgment, release, and healing. We wish for you to know that there is not one thing that you do not have the skill to handle. If things are coming up, it is because they are ready to be loved and let go, once and for all, and that is a wonderful thing!

What is left behind is you – sparkling, vibrant, divine you that you had trouble seeing under all those old layers. Finally allowing that you to shine brightly and lead the way is true freedom and is a glorious thing to behold and experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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